Electoral Commission gives evidence to Scottish Affairs Committee

02 November 2011

The Scottish Affairs Committee takes evidence from the Electoral Commission Scotland as part of its inquiries into the referendum on separation for Scotland

Wednesday 2 November, 2.30 pm 
Wilson Room, Portcullis House


The Electoral Commission

  • John McCormick, Electoral Commissioner for Scotland
  • Andy O’Neill, Head of Office
  • Andrew Scallan, Director of Electoral Administration

Further information

On 5 May 2011, the people of Scotland voted in the Scottish Parliament election and the UK wide referendum on the UK Parliamentary Voting System.

The aim of this session with the Electoral Commission Scotland is to consider the success or otherwise of both elections, and the potential consequences of holding both elections on the same day.

The committee will consider the reports recently published by the Electoral Commission in relation to the Scottish Parliament elections and the UK wide referendum on the Parliamentary Voting system.

The committee will also take the opportunity to consider the lessons learned from the Electoral Commission's experience in administering referendums, and how these may be applicable to a potential future referendum in Scotland as part of the committee’s two inquiries into the potential referendum for separation for Scotland.

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