Public meeting on reform of Crown Estate

12 July 2012

Speaking after the Government published its response to the Scottish Affairs Committee’s report on the crown Estate in Scotland, Chair of the Committee Ian Davidson MP said:

"The Scottish Affairs Committee has decided to organise a meeting for interested groups and organisations in Inverness towards the end of September to discuss both the Government’s response to our recommendations and how matters of rural land ownership and development can best be progressed.

This decision was taken in view of the enormous public interest there has been in the future of the Crown Estate, the substantial amount of work undertaken in preparation for our enquiry by many of the witnesses and the less than total acceptance of our proposals by the Crown Estate and the Government.

It is intended that the Crown Estate would also be invited to clarify how they intend to operate in future."

The Government response was published as Command Paper 8361 as is available on the link below:

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