MPs ask "is blacklisting still going on?"

01 July 2013

Following the publication of its interim Report into Blacklisting in Employment in April, the Committee is continuing to investigate the issue and is taking evidence from Unite the Union.

The session will focus on the alleged occurrences of blacklisting by major construction firms involved in Crossrail, Europe’s biggest construction project.


Tuesday 3 July

At 2.30pm in Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster

  • Gail Cartmail, Assistant General Secretary, Unite

Ian Davidson MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

"In March of this year we made an initial report on the appalling practice of blacklisting in the Scottish construction industry. The Consulting Association was an organised conspiracy by big construction firms, to discriminate against workers who raised legitimate grievances over health and safety and other industrial issues. This was an exercise run for the financial gain of the companies involved and those who benefited must be held accountable.

Our inquiry so far has raised more questions than it has answered, particularly around compensation for all those who were affected, and what penalties should be imposed on those who engaged in blacklisting. But the big question that remains is, is this egregious practice actually still going on? Are people still being systematically, unfairly discriminated against in this way?

We have heard disturbing suggestions that it is still going on, and possibly in the context of a massive public infrastructure project, Crossrail. It is crucial to get to the truth of this, and we are very grateful to the Assistant Secretary General of Unite for coming to discuss their findings and position with us."

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