Blacklisting on Crossrail Statement

04 September 2013

The Scottish Affairs Committee has Commented on the joint announcement on blacklisting issued by Unite the Union and BAM, Ferrovial, Kier (BFK)

Chair's comments

Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee Ian Davidson MP said:

"On 2 July, in a formal Committee hearing with Gail Cartmail of Unite the Union, we heard compelling evidence that blacklisting for trade union and health and safety activities had been going on within a contract for the Crossrail project.

We now understand that Unite have reached an agreement with BFK (Bam, Ferrovial, Kier) and a joint statement has been issued which includes the sentence, “BFK and Unite agree that there have been no contravention of the blacklisting regulations on the BFK-Crossrail project.

However, it is unclear whether this proves the weakness of the Regulations and how easily they are avoided or represents an agreement that no blacklisting took place.

Accordingly, the SAC will seek further evidence to clarify the position. We will also try to ascertain whether the agreement, or part thereof, can be used as a template for settling future disputes.

The Committee is continuing its investigation into allegations of blacklisting in the construction industry, in particular into the unresolved questions about compensating the people affected and holding the companies involved to account. We will be calling further witnesses to explore these areas in due course.

We would still expect that those responsible for public sector contracts throughout the United Kingdom will keep a watchful eye on further developments in this field and take them carefully into account before compiling future tender lists or awarding contracts."

Further information

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