Audit Scotland on public sector pension schemes in separate Scotland

03 June 2013

The Scottish Affairs Committee takes evidence from Audit Scotland on Wednesday 5 June 2013.

The Committee is exploring several subjects to help the people of Scotland make an informed choice in the forthcoming referendum on separation. One of these subjects is the provision of pensions in a separate Scotland.

Purpose of the session

This session will focus on the provision of public sector pensions in Scotland, how they are managed now and how they might be affected by separation.

In 2011 Audit Scotland published its report, 'The cost of public sector pensions in Scotland'.


Wednesday 5 June

At 2.30pm in Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster

  • Caroline Gardner, Auditor General, Audit Scotland
  • Russell Frith, Assistant Auditor General, Audit Scotland
  • Angela Cullen, Assistant Director, Audit Scotland

Further information

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