Damian Green and UKBA questioned on Glasgow asylum seekers

19 January 2011

The Immigration Minister and the UK Border Agency's (UKBA) head of immigration give evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee on accommodation provisions for asylum seekers in Glasgow.

Meeting information

Wednesday 19 January, 2.30 pm
Grimond Room, Portcullis House


  • Damian Green, Minister of State for Immigration, Home Office
  • Phil Taylor, Regional Director for the Scotland and Northern Ireland Region (Immigration Group), Home Office
  • Matthew Coats, Head of Immigration, UKBA


This session is part of an inquiry by the Committee into the UK Border Agency's decision to terminate its 10-year contract with Glasgow City Council to provide housing for asylum seekers.

The Committee held private meetings in Glasgow at the end of November 2010 with UKBA, Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Refugee Council to discuss the situation. At the time, the Chair of the Committee, Ian Davidson MP, said:

"We are very concerned about the impact of the UK Border Agency’s decision to terminate its contract with the council. In particular, we find the manner in which UKBA communicated its decision to the individuals and families involved – via a letter threatening only a very short notice period for people to leave their homes – extremely troubling.

"This is frightening situation for anyone to find themselves in, particularly for those considered to be among the most vulnerable in our society. It is vital that families are reassured that a longer period of time is guaranteed in order for the problem to be resolved.

"The aim of our inquiry is not only to establish the facts around this case but also to ensure everything possible is done so that families do not have to endure such a distressing situation again."

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