My Scottish Affairs inquiry launched

14 September 2017

The Scottish Affairs Committee launches the My Scottish Affairs inquiry, inviting the people of Scotland to talk about the issues that matter to them and help decide the future direction of the Committee's work.

The Committee is seeking views from across Scottish society, including business, academia, the voluntary sector and members of the public. Submissions will be accepted via Facebook, Twitter and the Committee’s website.

A similar programme at the beginning of the 2015 Parliament formed the basis of inquiries into post-study work schemes, employment issues and renewable energy. The Committee also succeeded in its pledge to hold meetings throughout the country, taking evidence right across Scotland, from the central belt to the Highlands and Islands.

Peter Wishart MP, Chair of Scottish Affairs Committee said:

"I am delighted to have been re-elected as chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee. In the last Parliament we held meetings across Scotland, and this outreach work will continue to be a key pillar of our activity this Parliament. I want the Committee to engage directly and regularly with the people of Scotland. The My Scottish Affairs inquiry is your opportunity to tell us what issues you think we should be investigating, why they matter and who they impact."

How to take part

The Committee wants to hear your ideas about what areas it should look into, particularly proposals for work in areas that might otherwise escape its attention.

Proposals for inquiries should outline briefly the nature of the issue that the Committee should explore and why it deserves attention.

The Committee will also accept proposals in the form of videos tweeted using the #MyScottishAffairs hashtag (up to two minutes in length).

When making your proposal you might want to address one or more of the following points.

  • What issues should the Committee be examining during this Parliament? Why are these issues important? In what way are these policies not working for Scotland, or could be made to work better?
  • What aspects of UK Government policy are not working, or could be made to work better, in and for Scotland?
  • What are your views on the effectiveness of the Scotland Office? What could it do better?

The Committee is not able to take up individual cases or complaints.

Who are we?

The Scottish Affairs Committee is a committee of eleven Members of Parliament, responsible for examining the work of the Scotland Office. This includes the Scotland Office’s relations with the Scottish Parliament and the work of the office of the Advocate General for Scotland.

What is an inquiry?

An inquiry is when a Parliamentary Committee examines a policy issue in depth. Inquires normally start by the Committee asking for people's view on a subject. This is following by a series of meeting with experts, interest parties and Government Ministers to ask detailed questions and get more information. It usually concludes with the Committee making as Report setting out some recommendation to the Government for how improvements can be made.

What subjects can the Committee look into?

The Committee's role is to explore the impact that UK-wide policies have on Scotland, so we can't look at policies that are the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament. Here's a guide to which policy areas are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and which are reserved to the Westminster Parliament:


How to contact the Committee

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