Scottish current affairs examined in Edinburgh

16 October 2017

The Scottish Affairs Committee talks to organisations from across Scotland about the current issues they face.

Attend the meeting

The evidence session takes place on Monday 16 October at The University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB. It will start at 9:40am.

The format of the panels are as follows:  

9:40am – Economy and business

  • Colin Borland, Head of Devolved Nations, The Federation of Small Businesses, Scotland 
  • Helen Martin, Assistant General Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress
  • Alastair Sim, Director, Universities Scotland 

10.10am – Welfare and social security

  • Rob Gowans, Policy Officer, Citizens' Advice Scotland
  • Layla Theiner, Disability Agenda Scotland
  • Craig Wilson, Parliamentary Officer, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

10.40am – UK policy frameworks after leaving the EU

  • Clare Slipper, Political Affairs Manager, National Farmers Union Scotland
  • Simon Collins, Executive Officer, Shetland Fishermen's Association on behalf of Scottish Fishermen's Federation
  • Charles Dundas, Vice-Chair, Scottish Environment LINK

11.10am – Equalities and Demographics

  • Evelyn Fraser, Development Manager, Scottish Women's Convention
  • Susan Hunter, Senior Policy and Research Officer, Youthlink Scotland
  • Danny Boyle, Parliamentary and Policy Officer, Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland

Purpose of the meeting

The meeting at the University of Edinburgh is open to the public. Witnesses from business organisations, the voluntary sector and key demographic groups suggest ideas to the Committee. The public are also invited to send the Committee their ideas through Facebook, Twitter and the Committee's website.  
Following a similar programme in the last Parliament, the Committee launched many high profile inquiries based on public suggestions. Key areas included post-study work schemes, employment issues and renewable energy.  

Chair's comments

Peter Wishart MP, Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee, said:  

"Having received a number of excellent submissions via Facebook, Twitter, and the Committee's website, I am looking forward to visiting Edinburgh and getting the My Scottish Affairs inquiry underway.

These visits are part of a commitment to bringing the work of the Committee to the people of Scotland, engaging with their thoughts and ideas, and making sure their views are represented.

I hope that Monday's event will be the first of many Committee meetings in Scotland during this Parliament, and would encourage members of the public to come along." 

Take part in the inquiry

The Committee wants to hear your ideas about what areas it should consider. In particular, the Committee seeks suggestions for work in areas that might otherwise escape its attention.

Proposals for inquiries should explain the issue that the Committee should explore and why it deserves attention.

The Committee will also accept suggestions in the form of videos tweeted using the #MyScottishAffairs hashtag (up to two minutes in length). 

When making your proposal you might want to address one or more of the following points:

  • What issues should the Committee be examining during this Parliament? Why are these issues important? In what way are these policies not working for Scotland, or could be made to work better?
  • What aspects of UK Government policy are not working, or could be made to work better, in and for Scotland?
  • What are your views on the effectiveness of the Scotland Office? What could it do better? 

The Committee is not able to take up individual cases or complaints.

Further information

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