Committee looks to Canada and Belgium for devolution direction

14 January 2019

The Scottish Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into the relationship between the Scottish and UK Governments, with an evidence session looking at how other countries manage intergovernmental relations.

Purpose of the session

The Scottish Affairs Committee is holding an inquiry into how cooperation between the UK and Scottish Governments can be improved. In this session the Committee will look at international comparators to find out if lessons can be learnt from how devolution works elsewhere.

The Committee will question the Deputy Head of the Belgian Embassy and a former Canadian Permanent Secretary of Intergovernmental Affairs on what the UK can learn from their approaches to intergovernmental relations. The Committee will also hear about devolution arrangements in other countries from academics specialising in constitutional affairs and federalism.


Tuesday 15 January 2019, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 10.15am - Academics

  • Dr Bettina Petersohn, Lecturer in Politics (specialising in Intergovernmental relations), Swansea University
  • Professor César Colino, Professor of Political Science (specialising in Spanish and comparative federalism), University of Distance Education (UNED) (Madrid)  
  • Dr Sandra León, Senior Lecturer (specialising in comparative government and decentralisation of public finance), York University

At 11.15am - Case Study: Belgium

  • Mr Jan Bayart, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Belgium in the UK

At 12.15pm - Case Study: Canada

  • George Anderson, former Deputy Minister (Permanent Secretary) of Intergovernmental Affairs, Privy Council Office, Canadian Government (via video link)

Further information

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