Scottish Affairs Committee

English Votes for English Laws inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

The Committee has concluded taking evidence for this inquiry. The Committee did not produce a Report but tagged its evidence to the final debate on English Votes for English Laws.

Scope of the inquiry

The Committee considered the Government’s proposals to amend the House of Commons' Standing Orders to accommodate English Votes for English Laws (EVEL). With 'English Votes for English Laws' the Government aimed to answer what has become known as the 'West-Lothian Question' - the situation where MPs representing constituencies outside England can vote on laws which only affect England while MPs from England have no reciprocal influence on laws in areas that have been devolved.

The Government's proposals were passed by the House on Thursday 22 October 2015. 


Read all transcripts, written evidence and other material related to the English Votes for English Laws inquiry.

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