Biometric data and technologies - Second evidence hearing

04 December 2014

This is the second of two evidence sessions examining biometric data and technologies.

Panel 1 will focus on the development of facial recognition software by the police as well as some of the legislative and regulatory challenges that this, and other developments, may pose. Panel 2 will take evidence on topics covered throughout the inquiry from the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Criminal Information, Lord Bates.


The Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday 10 December 2014 at 9.15am in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

At 9.15 am

  • Dr Simon Rice, Group Manager (Technology), Information Commissioner's Office
  • Alastair R MacGregor QC, Biometrics Commissioner, Office of the Biometrics Commissioner
  • Chief Constable Chris Sims, National Policing Lead for Forensic Science, Association of Chief Police Officers

At 10.15 am

  • Lord Bates, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Criminal Information, Home Office

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