Exploring the current UK strategy for optimising use of donor organs

28 April 2014

On Monday 28 April 2014,  Science and Technology Committee will explore the current UK strategy for optimising use of donor organs: taking organ transplantation to 2020. It will also consider some of the potential barriers to organ donation and transplantation and current policies intended to overcome these.


Monday 28 April 2014; Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 4.05 pm

  • Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director (Prevention & Care), British Heart Foundation
  • Ed Owen, Chief Executive, Cystic Fibrosis Trust
  • Professor Keith Rigg, Chair, Transplant 2013
  • Dr Richard Baker, Executive Committee Member, British Transplantation Society

A further evidence session will be announced in due course.

Further information

Image: iStockphoto

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