Holland and Barrett krill oil supplements

07 June 2013

The Chair of the Commons Science and Technology Committee Andrew Miller MP has written to Peter Aldis, Chief Executive of Holland and Barrett, raising concerns about the sustainability of krill oil supplements on sale in their stores. This follows an evidence session on marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, in which the Committee questioned scientists and officials about the sustainability of fisheries in the region.

Holland and Barrett krill oil supplements

The Science and Technology Committee has recently taken evidence on the sustainability of krill fisheries in the Southern Ocean.  We were concerned to hear that krill oil used in dietary supplements could be taken from non-sustainable sources.  I would appreciate if you could clarify the following issues in relation to the krill oil supplements sold in Holland and Barrett:

  • Does the krill used to manufacture krill oil supplements sold by Holland and Barrett come from Marine Stewardship Council-certified sustainable fisheries?
  • Is information about the source of the krill used in Holland and Barrett’s supplements, and whether that source is sustainable, clearly labelled on these products?

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