MPs give green light to Technology Strategy Board chair-elect

26 October 2011

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee today publishes a report in which it endorses the government's preferred candidate for the role of chair of the Technology Strategy Board

Andrew Miller MP, chair of the committee, said,

"We are pleased to support Phil Smith as the government's preferred candidate for the post of chair of the Technology Strategy Board and we recommend that the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills proceeds with the appointment. 

Mr Smith has had considerable experience in balancing the sometimes conflicting demands of business and technologists in relation to technological development and transfer into business application. At a time when it is so vital to stimulate knowledge and innovation in our economy that will drive growth, we are reassured that Mr Smith has a clear vision for the future work of the board and the challenges it will face.

Mr Smith has demonstrated the high degree of professional competence and personal independence required to chair the Technology Strategy Board and we wish him well in his new post."

Purpose of pre-appointment hearings

Pre-appointment hearings are conducted for key public officials in which Parliament has a strong interest. It is an opportunity for the relevant select committee to question a candidate on his or her suitability for the role and the process used in selection. The outcome of the hearing is non-binding, but the committee's report should inform ministers’ decision-making on whether or not to proceed.

Oral and written evidence

The evidence to the inquiry will be published in due course. Read an uncorrected transcript of the oral evidence

Further information

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