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09 June 2011

The Science and Technology Committee has launched an e-consultation to provide schoolchildren with the opportunity to tell them what they think of school science practicals and science field trips.

The e-consultation will contribute to the current inquiry, Practical experiments in school science lessons and science field trips, and ensure that the voice of 14 to 19 year olds is heard among the others providing evidence to Parliament.

The consultation is being hosted by The Student Room and the contributions collected will form part of the final report produced by the committee. The e-consultation will run until Friday 8 July 2011.

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Hello. I’m Andrew Miller. I’m the chair of the science and technology select committee in the House of Commons. I am elected by the whole House to do this job and my committee is there to hold the government to account in respect of its policy on science.

One of the areas we are really interested in is what makes young people interested in science. And as part of that, how important are practicals and how important is field work and has it got any better or worse since I was at school.

So we are gathering evidence, and we are gathering evidence from you, and this is why we are using the Student Room as a means of getting information from today’s students.

So we want you to give your opinions: good examples and bad examples, thing that you’ve seen that you like or dislike, both in the laboratory and in field work.

Please give your frank opinions. We will then produce a report - it will be a published report. And you can contribute to helping to develop policy.

That’s why we want you to send your evidence in to us.

Thanks very much.


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