Volcanic ash cloud: MPs hold evidence session on scientific advice

Volcanic eruption
03 November 2010

The Science and Technology Committee examines the scientific advice and evidence used during the Icelandic volcanic ash eruptions in April and May 2010 in an evidence session on Wednesday 3 November.

The Committee will question witnesses on how prepared the Government was to deal with the emergency, if there was sufficient and timely scientific evidence to inform policy decisions, and the effectiveness of coordination between government departments and organisations.


The meeting starts at 9.45am in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.


  • Ray Elgy, Head of Licensing & Training Standards, Civil Aviation Authority
  • Dr Guy Gratton, Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Dr Sue Loughlin, Head of Volcanology, British Geological Survey
  • Captain Tim Steeds, Director of Safety & Security, British Airways


  • Professor Brian Collins, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport
  • Dr Miles Parker, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Professor Julia Slingo, Chief Scientific Advisor, Met Office

Sessions on space weather and cyber security will be announced in due course. The Committee held a session on swine flu on 20 October.

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