UK Space Agency evidence published online

13 September 2010

The Science and Technology Committee has today published online the oral evidence it took last week in a session on the UK Space Agency

Commenting on the session Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

“Members of the Committee found the session very useful and valuable.  We are not at this stage producing a report but the Committee will follow the progress of the Agency, watch the concerns raised by the wider community, and track the financial resources provided to it by the Comprehensive Spending Review. The committee is agreed on the importance of space both to the UK economy but also the potential it has for encouraging young people to seek careers in science and engineering. I expect that that the Agency and space is a subject that the Committee may return to later in this Parliament.”

The uncorrected transcript contains the oral evidence from: Dr David Williams, Acting Chief Executive, UK Space Agency; Andy Green, Co-Chair, Space Leadership Council; and Richard Peckham, Chairman, UKSpace. Alongside this, the Committee is publishing written evidence relating to the UK Space Agency that it received from a number of different organisations.

Further information

UK Space Agency inquiry webpage: The oral and written evidence can be found at:

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