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14 September 2017

The Science and Technology Committee is undertaking an inquiry on the issues raised in the POSTnote (PDF 431 KB), and following up the 2011 report (PDF 2.64 MB).

The previous Science and Technology Committee reported on ''Peer review in scientific publications (PDF 2.64 MB)" in 2011, after which Universities UK coordinated the establishment of a 'Research Integrity Concordat'. The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has recently published a POSTnote (PDF 431 KB) which discusses trends and developments on fraud, misconduct and mistakes in research and the publication of research results. It indicates that the trend in misconduct/mistakes in publishing is still upwards. There has also been a so-called 'crisis in reproducibility' of research.

It welcomes written submissions by Thursday 5 October 2017. Submissions might include views on the issues in the POSTnote, including:

  • The extent of the research integrity problem;
  • Causes and drivers of recent trends;
  • The effectiveness of controls/regulation (formal and informal), and what further measures if any are needed;
  • What matters should be for the research/academic community to deal with, and which for Government.
  • Written evidence can submitted through the research integrity inquiry page.

Previous inquiry

This inquiry follows on the work of the previous Committee, in their inquiry Research integrity.

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