Representatives from organisations developing early intervention programmes questioned

15 March 2018

The Science and Technology Committee continues its inquiry into ‘evidence-based early-years intervention’. This session will focus on early intervention programmes, the evidence for the effectiveness of such programmes, and the extent to which local authorities and others are using evidence and delivering evidence-based programmes.


Tuesday 20 March 2018, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 9.30 am

  • Ailsa Swarbrick, Director, Family Nurse Partnership National Unit
  • Matt Buttery, Chief Executive, Triple P UK
  • Jen Lexmond, Chief Executive Officer, EasyPeasy
  • Professor Edward Melhuish, University of Oxford

At 10.30 am

  • Tom McBride, Director of Evidence, Early Intervention Foundation
  • Donna Molloy, Director of Policy and Practice, Early Intervention Foundation
  • George Hosking, Chief Executive Officer, WAVE Trust

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