Leaving the EU: Further call for evidence

14 July 2016

The Committee has previously requested written submissions to address terms of reference announced at the beginning of our inquiry.

Oral and written evidence so far has identified a number of potential risks and opportunities, for example concerning the mobility of scientists, collaborative research opportunities, funding, access to research facilities, regulation and market access, private sector investment, administrative burdens/costs, etc.

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The Committee is now seeking further contributions on the risks and opportunities of leaving the EU, to allow the Committee to draw together a ‘Risk Assessment’ and a list of risks/opportunities which should feature in the Government’s work to set a new EU/UK negotiating strategy. It would be helpful to hear perspectives on:

  • Risks or opportunities, which could be split out into subordinate risks if appropriate.
  • The Cause of each of those risks/opportunities.
  • The Consequences of each of the risks/opportunities materialising.
  • The impact of such consequences—whether good or bad—on the quality and scale of the science and research undertaken by the UK, and how significant those impacts are likely to be.
  • What mitigation measures, if any, should be considered to reduce the likelihood or impact of any risks, or to increase the likelihood or impact of potential opportunities.

The Committee would also welcome submitters’ views on

  1. whether particular risks/opportunities are mutually reinforcing or mutually exclusive, and
  2. what potential ‘Risk indicators’ (metrics) could be used during the Exit negotiation period to monitor whether a risk/opportunity (or mitigation) is materialising.

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