Science and Technology Committee announces inquiry examining the digital skills gap

02 December 2015

The Science and Technology Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry examining the digital skills gap, ahead of the government’s publication of the Digital Transformation Plan next year.

This inquiry will go further than the Lord Select Committee on Digital Skills (PDF 3.53 MB) and examine the extent of the digital divide and digital exclusion, the impact on the economy and whether government initiatives are sufficient.

Written submissions

The Committee invites written submissions by Thursday 31 December 2015, including on the following issues:

  • The extent to which there is a digital skills gap and whether the Government’s initiatives are appropriate and sufficient to fill the gap;
  • Further measures by Government needed to improve digital literacy;
  • How well the current education system addresses the digital skills gap;
  • What is being done to equip teachers in the classroom;
  • The adequacy of the current ICT provision in schools;
  • The work being done by universities and industry to ensure that the computing curriculum is relevant;
  • The extent to which there is a digital divide and whether digital exclusion exits in the current workforce;
  • The financial impact of the lack of basic digital skills on the economy; and
  • The extent of any unconscious bias in the digital/IT sector.

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