Estimates Memoranda

'Estimates' are the means by which the Government obtains from Parliament the legal authority to consume the resources and spend the cash that it needs to finance its spending. 'Estimates memoranda' were introduced in 2004, and are intended to provide the relevant House of Commons Select Committee with an explanation of how the resources and cash sought in an Estimate will be applied.


Letter from Cabinet Office to PASC 13 July 2012 (PDF PDF 413 KB)

Letter from Mr Bernard Jenkin to Cabinet Office 26 June 2012 (PDF PDF 32 KB)

Letter from Andrew Dilnot to Mr Bernard Jenkin dated 16 July 2012 (PDF PDF 42 KB)

Letter from Mr Bernard Jenkin to Andrew Dilnot dated 26 June 2012 (PDF PDF 29 KB)

Cabinet Office Main Estimate (PDF PDF 2.19 MB)


Cabinet Office Main Estimate (PDF PDF 4.69 MB)

Cabinet Office Supplementary Estimate (PDF PDF 2.76 MB)

Civil Superannuation Supplementary Estimate (PDF PDF 69 KB)

Charity Commission Main Estimate (PDF PDF 97 KB)

Charity Commission Supplementary Estimate (PDF PDF 807 KB)

UK Statistics Authority Main Estimate (PDF PDF 37 KB)

UK Statistics Authority Supplementary Estimate  (PDF PDF 157 KB)

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Supplementary Estimate (PDF PDF 121 KB)  


Cabinet Office Winter Supplementary Estimate (PDF PDF 2.95 MB)

Charity Commission Main Estimate: Estimates Memorandum (PDF PDF 821 KB)

Estimate Memorandum for Cabinet office: Civil Superannuation, Main Estimate (PDF PDF 778 KB)

UK Statistics Authority: Main Estimate  (PDF PDF 41 KB)