Former Minister questioned on experience of Business Appointment Rules

16 March 2012

This will be the Committee’s second evidence session of its inquiry into the Business Appointment Rules: the rules that govern the take-up of jobs by former ministers and crown servants. The Committee will first hear from former First Sea Lord, Admiral the Lord West of Spithead, who served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office between 2007 and 2010. Evidence will then be taken from two former senior civil servants: John Suffolk, former Government Chief Information Officer, worked in the Civil Service between 2004-2010, and Sir Hugh Taylor, former Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health, who left the Civil Service in 2010 after a 38 year career.

The Committee will question the witnesses about their experience of the Business Appointment Rules system and their thoughts on the concerns about a ‘revolving door’ between business and Whitehall. Particular issues to be explored may include

  • Whether the current Business Appointment Rules system is working effectively;
  • the impact of the Business Appointment Rules on the ability of ministers and civil servants to secure employment when they have leave public service; and
  • how the Government can recruit experts to serve as ministers, and utilise outside expertise in the Civil Service, without giving rise to concern over propriety and undue influence.


At 4:30pm

  • Admiral the Right Honourable the Lord West of Spithead, Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Security and Counter-terrorism) and Government Spokesperson, Home Office

At 5.00pm

  • John Suffolk, Former Government Chief Information Officer
  • Sir Hugh Taylor, Former Permanent Secretary, Department of Health

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