Committee to hold inquiry into what Ministers do

28 July 2010

The Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) today launches an inquiry into the number, role and effectiveness of government ministers. PASC is undertaking this inquiry as part of its wider interest in ‘smaller government’.

The Committee will examine the following issues:

  • What ministers actually do, and whether that work is best done by ministers drawn from Parliament
  •  Whether UK government has too many, not enough or the right amount of ministers (including Cabinet and junior ministers)
  • The impact that the number of ministers has on both effective government and the public purse
  • Implications of coalition government for the role of ministers and how they operate, both collectively and at the level of individual departments
  • What plans to decentralise power away from central government mean for the role and function of ministers

PASC is inviting written evidence on issues relating to this inquiry. Full details are set out in the accompanying issues and questions paper (PDF PDF 686 KB).

PASC expects to start evidence sessions on the inquiry in autumn 2010.

Image: iStockphoto

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