PASC to hold joint evidence session on Ministers and Quangos

22 November 2010

This evidence session will be the second in the Committees inquiry “what do Ministers do?”, and its final public meeting on the Government’s proposed reform to public bodies. It will take place in Committee Room 18 on Tuesday 23 November 2010.


At 10.15am

  • The Rt Hon Peter Riddell, Institute for Government, Lord Norton of Louth, University of Hull, and Professor Robert Hazell CBE, UCL

At 11.15am

  •  Matthew Sinclair, Director and John O’Connell, Research Director Taxpayers’ Alliance, and Tom Burkard, Centre for Policy Studies

Particular issues that may arise during the first panel are: 

  •  how many ministers the Government needs;
  •  whether there are functions ministers should no longer perform;
  •  the impact of the coalition on the work of ministers;
  •  the possibility of appointing ministers from outside Parliament; and
  •  how to make ministers more effective.

The second panel will focus on:

  • whether the proposed reform to public bodies go far enough;
  • whether the changes will result in a more accountable system, or any significant cost savings;
  • how to maintain the reforms; and
  • concerns about the types activities that public bodies engage in.

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