Academics and Journalists questioned about Head of the Civil Service role

11 November 2011

This will be the Committee’s third evidence session of its Inquiry into the role of the Head of the Civil Service and will take evidence from two panels of expert witnesses. The first panel is comprised of three academic witnesses: Professor the Lord Hennessy of Queen Mary University, Professor Colin Talbot of the University of Manchester, and Professor Tony Dean of the University of Toronto, a former Secretary of the Ontario Cabinet and Head of the Ontario Public Service. The second panel includes three journalists and Whitehall commentators: Sue Cameron, formerly of the Financial Times; Peter Riddell, formerly of The Times, and David Walker, Guardian Public Leaders Network. This will take place on 15 November 2011 in Committee Room 16.

The Committee will consider the Government’s proposal to split the role of Head of the Civil Service and Cabinet Secretary and examine the impact this change will have on Whitehall.

Particular issues to be explored may include:

  • Whether the proposals represent a downgrading of the post of Head of the Civil Service; 
  • Whether the Head of the Civil Service role can be carried out on a part time basis; and
  • what impact these proposals will have on reform programmes in Whitehall.


  • Professor the Lord Hennessy, Professor Colin Talbot and Professor Tony Dean
  • Sue Cameron, Rt Hon Peter Riddell and David Walker

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