MPs take evidence on Crime Statistics

11 December 2013

Public Administration Committee takes evidence on Crime Statistics.

This is the second session of PASC’s inquiry into Crime Statistics, part of the Committee’s programme of work on statistics and their use in government. Members will hear from expert academics, and the National Policing Lead for Crime Statistics.


Wednesday 11 December 2013, Committee Room 16, committee corridor

At 9:30am

  • Professor Stephen Shute, Chair, Crime Statistics Advisory Committee
  • Professor Mike Hough, Member, Crime Statistics Advisory Committee
  • Chief Constable Jeff Farrar, National Policing Lead for Crime Statistics, acting on behalf of ACPO, and Chief Constable of Gwent Police

The three witnesses are also members of the Crime Statistics Advisory Committee, which gives independent advice to the Home Office, Office for National Statistics and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary.

The Committee will be examining the quality and reliability of police recorded crime data. Issues covered may include:

  • the role of the Crime Statistics Advisory Committee in promoting statistical best practice among producers of crime data;
  • the practical realities of police crime-recording practices and the factors which may lead these to diverge from established national standards;
  • the extent to which the recorded crime data serve as a reliable indicator of national and local crime trends; and
  • whether adequate procedures are in place to promote a culture of data integrity within the police.

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