Third evidence session on Complaints: do they make a difference?

25 June 2013

This is the third session of PASC’s inquiry into complaints handling. In the first panel, representatives of private sector companies will give evidence on best practice in the private sector. In the second panel, the Committee will question Sir David Nicholson about the NHS approach to, and performance in, handling complaints.


Panel 1, at 9.30am:

  • Mark Mullen, Chief Executive Officer, First Direct Bank;
  • Simon Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, Boots UK; and
  • Abi Gray, Customer Experience Manager, John Lewis.

Panel 2:

  • Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive, NHS England; and
  • Chris Bostock, NHS Complaints, Department of Health.


Particular issues to be explored may include:

  • How complaints are being used to drive innovation and service improvement in the private sector;
  • How the NHS gathers information on complaints received and shares learning; and
  • How the NHS is developing its capacity and skills-base for handling complaints.

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