PASC to take evidence on work of Cabinet Office

05 July 2013

This one-off session will look at the work of the Cabinet Office, as part of PASC’s ongoing scrutiny of the Cabinet Office as the lead select committee for this department.  The Committee will hear from the head of the Cabinet Office, Richard Heaton, who is responsible for the department’s leadership and governance.

Tuesday 9 July 2013, Committee Room 15


Panel 1, at 9.30am

  • Richard Heaton CB, Permanent Secretary and First Parliamentary Counsel, Cabinet Office.


Particular issues to be explored may include:

  • How Mr Heaton combines his roles as Permanent Secretary and First Parliamentary Counsel;
  • The role of the Cabinet Office in the recent Spending Round 2013 and the Cabinet Office’s own settlement; and
  • Aspects of delivery for which the Cabinet Office is responsible, including: leading efficiency savings across Government, Civil Service reform, the National Citizen Service and the Cabinet Office’s new responsibility for cross-cutting youth policy, the Good Law initiative and the mutualisation of parts of Government such as the Cabinet Office’s “Nudge Unit”.

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