PASC to hear from thinkers and commentators on the Big Society

18 May 2011

This will be the Committee’s first evidence session of its Inquiry into the Big Society. The Inquiry aims to understand what the Government means by the Big Society, and its implications for government policy and structures. This session will focus on the ideas and philosophy behind the Big Society concept and whether an approach based around grassroots activism and community empowerment can be successfully created or facilitated by government action and policy

Particular issues that may arise include:

  • How to define the ‘Big Society’;
  • the level of public support for Big Society policies; 
  • the role of charities, mutuals and private companies in delivering public services as part of the Big Society; and
  • what government can do to support increased community activism.

Tuesday 24th May 2011
Committee Room 21, Palace of Westminster

At 10:30 am

  • Lord Maurice Glasman: Advisor to Ed Miliband and Senior Lecturer in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University
  • Shaun Bailey: Government Big Society Ambassador
  • Danny Kruger: Chief Executive, Only Connect and former  speechwriter to David Cameron
  • Polly Toynbee: The Guardian

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