Experts questioned about Strategic Thinking in Government

09 December 2011

In the Public Administration Select Committee’s (PASC) first evidence session on Strategic Thinking in Government, the Committee will hear from key strategic advisers to the previous administration. This inquiry builds on the findings of PASC’s First Report of Session 2010-12, “Who does UK National Strategy?” This takes place on Tuesday 13 December 2011 in Committee Room 16.

Issues that may arise include:

  • How the “national interest” can be defined;
  • how the Government develops strategy which cuts across departmental ‘silos’; and
  • how departments can be engaged to work towards shared strategic aims.

Witnesses: 10.30am

  • Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts;
  • Nick Butler, Visiting Professor and Chair, King's Policy Institute, King's College London; and
  • Matt Cavanagh, Associate Director, at the Institute for Public Policy Research.

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