Who does UK National Strategy?

Current status: Further Report published with the Government Response

The Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) launched a short inquiry on 28 July 2010 into the way that the Government develops strategy at the highest level and how it underpins the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) due towards the end of 2010. PASC undertook this inquiry as part of its interest in how the centre of government could best be organised to provide strategic leadership and direction.

The Committee examined the following issues:

  • What is meant by "strategy" or "grand strategy" in relation to the foreign policy, defence and security functions of government in the modern world;
  • Who holds the UK "strategic concept" and how is it being brought to bear on the Strategic Defence and Security Review;
  • Whether the capacity, skills and resources exist or need to be developed to ensure good strategy making;
  • The structures and frameworks which may be necessary to sustain the strategy;
  • How to ensure that there is the necessary collaboration and communication across Whitehall.

Further Report published 28 January 2011 (PDF)

Report published 18 October 2010:

Who does UK National Strategy? (PDF)

Note of Seminar on 7 September:

Seminar note 7 September 2010 (PDF PDF 1.11 MB)

Written evidence:

Written evidence (PDF PDF 21.57 MB)

Issues and Questions paper:

GrandStrategyIQ (PDF PDF 822 KB)

Press Notice:

28 January 2011: Public Administration Committee publishes government response on UK National Strategy

27 January 2011: PASC will publish further report on Strategy

18 October: PASC publish UK National Strategy Report

14 September: PASC to hear from Defence Chief and Security Minister on Strategy Making   

9 September: PASC to question Foreign Secretary and National Security Adviser on UK Strategy  

7 September 2010: PASC to question academics about Strategy-making

Links to evidence sessions:

9 September 2010

14 September 2010

16 September 2010