Inquiry status: inquiries closed

The Committee is scrutinising the issue of statistics and their use in Government by means of eleven short studies.

Updated programme of PASC work on statistics

  1. The Operation of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007, Government response published on 15 May 2013
  2. The work of the Office for National Statistics: Concluded
  3. Statistics and the regions and nations of the UK: Correspondence with Chair of UK Statistics Authority published
  4. Communicating and publishing statistics, Report published on 29 May 2013: Government response published 9 October 2013.
  5. Migration statistics: Report published on 28 July 2013, UK Statistics Authority response published 11 December 2013; Government response published on 22 April 2014
  6. Statistics and Open Data: Report published on 17 March 2014, Government response published on 15 September 2014
  7. The Census: Report published 17 April 2014; awaiting Government response
  8. Budgeting for statistics across Government: Correspondence with government departments published
  9. Statistics for the economy and public finances: Inquiry launched
  10. The comprehensiveness of official statistics
  11. Crime Statistics: Report published on 9 April 2014; Government response published on 14 July 2014, UK Statistics Authority response published on 15 September 2014