Public Administration and the Fiscal Squeeze

Inquiry concluded

The Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) launched a short inquiry on 25 November 2008 into public administration and the fiscal squeeze. PASC is undertaking this inquiry to consider how ministers and public servants can conduct the business of government most effectively in the face of likely future public spending cuts.

The Committee will examine the following issues

  • €The nature of expected cuts to public expenditure (targeted or across-the-board)
  • Possible effects on the size and organisation of central government, frontline public services and other public sector bodies
  • The relative merits of different approaches to making public spending cuts
  • How government and public services could most effectively adapt to a tighter fiscal environment (in particular by determining the areas that government should and should not be involved in)

PASC expects to hold at least two evidence sessions on this topic. The first, on Thursday 3 December, will hear from expert commentators about the public administration implications of different responses to the fiscal pressures on government. A second session is likely to be held early in the New Year.

Press Notices

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee

Written Evidence (PDF PDF 71 KB)