Governing the Future: Strategic thinking in Whitehall

Inquiry concluded

Report (PDF 334 KB) | Oral and written evidence

On 2 November 2005 PASC launched an inquiry into the place of strategy and planning in government.

• How does government find a balance between planning for long term future problems like global warming, medium term issues with a high profile such as bird flu, while addressing pressing issues of the day?

• What incentives are there for the Government to solve long term problems that require immediate, but often unpalatable, decisions?

The inquiry will focus on the role of the Centre, including the Number 10 Strategy Unit, in strategic planning, the relationship between the centre and individual departments in the strategic planning process, and the results of strategic work in government. The Issues and Questions paper also asks:

  • Is strategic thinking too centralised, or not centralised enough?
  • How does one train someone to carry out strategic thinking?
  • Is there a greater role for Parliament in the Strategic Planning process?

Minutes of evidence taken by the Committee

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Issues and Questions paper