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An effective Second Chamber? The House of Lords inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Due to the general election on 8 June 2017 the Committee has now closed this inquiry. Following the dissolution of Parliament on 3 May 2017, all Select Committees will cease to exist until after the general election. If an inquiry on this subject is held in the future, the Committee may refer to the evidence already gathered as part of this inquiry.

Scope of the inquiry

Though a far-reaching attempt by the coalition Government at House of Lords reform (in the form of the House of Lords Reform Bill) failed during the last Parliament, and the current Government's election manifesto expressly stated that a reform to introduce an elected component was "not a priority", the manifesto did commit the Government to ensuring "the House of Lords continues to work well by addressing issues such as the size of the chamber". This inquiry will focus on how best the Government can fulfil this pledge, while acknowledging that a more extensive reform is unlikely in the short to medium term. In doing so this inquiry builds on the work undertaken by the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee during the last Parliament into possible incremental reforms.  The Committee will seek to identify the "unarguable next steps" for reform of the House of Lords.

Terms of reference: An effective Second Chamber?


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