Statement by the Chair on the BBC's move to Salford

14 May 2013

 A statement from The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts:

 The BBC did well to complete its move to Salford on time and under budget, and it managed to avoid any disruption to TV and radio services. However, there are clearly question marks over the generosity of the relocation packages offered to staff, and in particular over some of the 91 exceptions to the relocation policy. £24 million of taxpayers’ money was spent in compensating staff for moving to Salford and the BBC has got to be properly open and transparent about its use of the licence fee.

The BBC must now focus on ensuring it successfully delivers the longer term aims of the move. It has the opportunity to make an important contribution to tackling the North-South divide at the same time as becoming more efficient, which it needs to do in order to achieve the £151 million savings it has to make by 2030.

The new Director General will appear before the Committee for the first time next month and we will want to see what progress has been made so far and greater clarity over its plans so that we can be confident that the Corporation has a firm grip on the project.


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