MPs take evidence on defence budget and estate

02 August 2010

Sir Bill Jeffrey, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, gives evidence on managing the MoD budget and the MoD’s progress in establishing a defence estate of the right size to meet operational needs.


Recent National Audit Office reports found weaknesses in the MoD’s management of its existing assets and its capital investment for the future.  MoD’s last two annual planning rounds have resulted in budgets which were quickly exceeded by forecast spend.

The defence estate primarily exists to support defence capabilities. The Department aims to have an estate of the right size, location and quality through an estate of fewer, larger sites in the UK and overseas, which it believes will deliver efficiencies and a better fit with operational needs.

The Ministry of Defence is one of the largest spending departments, responsible for over £42 billion of expenditure. Defence needs effective financial management to direct and control its resources to deliver its aims and objectives within its budget.

Read the National Audit Office Reports:


The session will be held on Wednesday 13 October 2010 at 3.30 pm in Committee Room 15

The following witnesses will appear – all coming from the MOD

  • Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under-Secretary
  • Jon Thompson, Director, General Finance
  • Ursula Brennan, 2nd Permanent Secretary
  • David Olney, Chief Operating Officer, Defence Estates

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