Examining the National Audit Office (NAO) Report on HMRC: Accounts 2009-10

29 July 2010

Section 2 of the Exchequer and Audit Departments Act 1921 requires the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) to examine the accounts of HM Revenue & Customs (the Department) to ascertain that adequate regulations and procedure have been framed to secure an effective check on the assessment, collection and proper allocation of revenue, and that they are being duly carried out

The C&AG is also required by that Act to examine the correctness of the sums brought to account and to report the results to the House of Commons. The C&AG’s audit opinion on the Trust Statement account and this report together satisfy that requirement. 

Tuesday 12 October 2010 at 9.30 am

The Public Accounts Committee calls the following witnesses:

HM Revenue and Customs

  • Dame Lesley Strathie, Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary
  • Sarah Walker, Director PSN
  • Jon Fundrey, Financial Controller

Read the National Audit Office Report

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