Statement from PAC Chair on NAO report on Central Government's skills requirements

13 July 2011

National Audit Office: Identifying and meeting central government's skills requirements

A statement from The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts:

We have heard many times about how the lack of skills in areas such as finance, IT, procurement and project management has contributed to waste, inefficiency and multiple project failures in government. It has also led to unnecessary spending on expensive consultancy advice. 

Each year departments spend at least £547 per civil servant on developing skills and yet they don’t know what they are getting for their money, or if it is having any positive effect at all. In a time when headcount reductions are taking place and major reform programmes are underway, it is vital that government gets a grip on the skills it needs to deliver its objectives, and gets value for money for investment in developing its staff.

The report is available to read on the National Audit Office website 

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