Government must be clear with public over Brexit divorce bill

20 April 2018

Public Accounts Committee Chair Meg Hillier MP has commented on today's National Audit Office report, Exiting the EU: The financial settlement

The Committee Chair, Meg Hillier MP, comments:

"The Government’s divorce bill estimate of between £35 billion to £39 billion is exactly that, an estimate. Whereas the promises made by some Brexiteers of the bounty that our public services would receive post-Brexit are likely to be downgraded, I fear the cost of the UK leaving the EU could increase further.

Our children and grandchildren risk being saddled with paying off this bill for decades to come. 

As negotiations continue and the real costs of the divorce bill come to light, the Government must be clear with the British public what we are paying for and why. If not taxpayers will feel we are being sold a raw deal."

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