Chair nominations for Public Accounts Committee

Nominations close for Chair elections.

One nomination was received for the position of Chair of the Public Accounts Committee.

As the only candidate for the position, Meg Hillier will be declared to be elected unopposed when the Speaker announces the result of the Chair elections after the ballot held on Wednesday 12 July.

The elected MP takes up their position as Chair of the Committee when the remaining members of the committee have been appointed by the House.

The period of nomination ran from 4 July until 3pm on Friday 7 July, 2017. 

Nominated by (own party)

Hilary Benn, Caroline Flint, Karin Smyth, Mr Adrian Bailey, Ian Murray, Mrs Sharon Hodgson, Tulip Siddiq, Angela Rayner, Stephen Twigg, Stephen Pound, Chris Evans, Nia Griffith, Mr Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, Grahame Morris, Luke Pollard

Nominated by (other parties)

Mr Charles Walker, Deidre Brock, Mr Richard Bacon, Damian Collins, Dr Sarah Wollaston


I have chaired the Public Accounts Committee for two years, having previously been a member for four years. In the past two years the Committee has published 106 reports examining the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of how Government spends taxpayers' money.

I have worked hard to ensure that the Committee's scrutiny is effective and focused. I have also lived up to the promise I made to involve MPs across Parliament, providing a weekly update on the Committee’s work and encouraging colleagues to provide information to feed into the Committee’s inquiries.

The work of the Public Accounts Committee is never done. Our important constitutional position and our track record is part of our strength. If elected I would expect to work with the new committee to quickly pick up where we left off at the General Election to continue our close scrutiny of Government spending.

I am clear that there are some areas which require particular focus:

  • The cost and implementation of Brexit - whatever our views on the result of the referendum we need to make sure that taxpayers' money is wisely spent.
  • Continuing work on international tax transparency
  • Education spending has been a recent focus of the committee's work. With the proposals on the funding formula we will need to examine how this will be implemented and how it will interact with existing calls for efficiency savings and any impact on capital budgets, particularly with many school buildings reaching the end of their useful life
  • Continuing our scrutiny of health and social care budgets
  • Continuing our focus on how well Government is managing cross cutting issues and maintaining our focus on when a saving is simply shunting the cost elsewhere
  • More pre scrutiny of major programmes to highlight potential waste ahead of a project being introduced.

I am clear that every pound of public money saved is important as the political class continues to need to prove our trustworthiness to the electorate. An effective, active and hard-working Public Accounts Committee is a vital part of our political process. Our job is to look beyond the headlines to cost and implementation.

Over the last two years I have shown that the committee can pursue the truth without sensationalism. I have improved follow through - so that any civil servant appearing before us knows that he or she will be recalled as we monitor progress on projects for which they are responsible.

I hope you will support my candidacy so that I can take up the role of Chair of the Public Accounts Committee again and continue to hold departments and agencies’ feet to the fire to ensure our constituents, and taxpayers, get the value for money from Government they deserve.

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