Procedure Committee (Commons)

Evaluation of pilot arrangements for allocating Estimates day debates inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

Scope of the inquiry

The Procedure Committee invites written evidence to assist its evaluation of the pilot arrangements. Comments on any aspects of the arrangements as they have operated in 2018 are welcome.

The Committee would welcome assessments of the extent to which the pilot has met the overall objective for the new arrangements, namely "for the House to demonstrate to the public that it is undertaking its constitutional function of controlling supply to the Government, and is examining critically the Government's requests for expenditure."

Aspects of the process the Committee would particularly welcome evidence on are:

  • The information available to Members seeking to propose an Estimate for debate
  • The scope of debate permitted on Estimates under the new arrangements
  • The quality of information on the selected Estimates available to Members in advance
  • The impact of the debate on present and future Government spending plans

The deadline for written submissions is Friday 30 November 2018

Next meeting(s)

There are currently no public meetings scheduled.


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