Procedure Committee (Commons)

Scrutiny of Government’s Supply Estimates inquiry

Inquiry status: Concluded

The Committee has now closed this inquiry. In its Seventh Report, Matters for the Procedure Committee in the 2017 Parliament, HC 1091, it referred outstanding matters to the Procedure Committee to be appointed in the new Parliament.

The Committee reported on one aspect of this inquiry in its in its Fifth Report, Authorising Government expenditure: steps to more effective scrutiny, HC 190. The Government response to this report may be published in the next Parliament.

Following the dissolution of Parliament on 3 May 2017, all Select Committees cease to exist until after the general election.

Report published

Scope of the inquiry

The Procedure Committee is looking at Supply procedure, the procedure whereby the House authorises the Government to spend public money raised through taxation. This will be a priority for the Procedure Committee in this Parliament. The present procedures were highlighted during debates on the passage of the new English votes for English laws Standing Orders in July and October 2015.

As its first inquiry in this field, the Committee will examine the House’s procedures for examining the Estimates, the formal requests for authorisation of expenditure made to the House by the Government, and passing the legislation which authorises this expenditure.

Terms of reference: Scrutiny of the Government’s Supply Estimates


Read all transcripts, written evidence and other material related to the inquiry on Scrutiny of Government's Supply Estimates.

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