New inquiry: Revisiting the Cabinet Manual

07 February 2014

The Committee is now returning to the subject to see how the Cabinet Manual is being used in practice and to consider what additions and changes might be necessary when it is revised.

The Cabinet Manual (PDF) was published by the Government in October 2011.

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee produced a Report on a draft version of the Manual in March 2011. The Committee’s Report, Constitutional implications of the Cabinet Manual, stated: “We intend to monitor closely how the Cabinet Manual develops, and how it is used both within and beyond Government during the life of this Parliament.”

Terms of reference

The Committee welcomes written evidence on any or all of the following questions:

  • To what extent were the concerns raised in the Committee’s original report on the Cabinet Manual addressed when the final version of the Manual was published in October 2011?
  • How is the Cabinet Manual being used, both within and outside Government?
  • The website states: “The Manual is primarily intended to provide a guide for members of Cabinet, other Ministers and civil servants in the carrying out of government business, but will also serve to bring about greater transparency about the mechanisms of government.”  How well is the Manual achieving these aims?
  • How often should the Cabinet Manual be revised?
  • What should be the process for revising the Cabinet Manual, and what should be the role of Parliament in this process?
  • Which, if any, parts of the current Manual need revising? 
  • What, if any, new material should be included in the next edition of the Cabinet Manual? 

How to respond

The deadline for written submissions has now been extended to Friday 30 May 2014.  Submissions should not significantly exceed 3,000 words unless this has been cleared in advance with the Committee secretariat. Written responses to the Committee will be treated as evidence to the Committee and may be published. If you object to your response being made public, please make this clear when it is submitted.

Written evidence to the inquiry into Revisiting the Cabinet Manual should be submitted online:

If you are considering submitting written evidence please read the following guidelines:

If you intend to make a submission and require further time, please contact us at 

 Further Information

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