Further evidence on introducing a statutory register of lobbyists

15 March 2012

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee continues its scrutiny of the Government's proposals for introducing a statutory register of lobbyists.


Thursday 22 March 2012 at 10am in the Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 10.00 am: 

  • Ben Kernighan, Deputy Chief Executive, National Council  for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO),
  • Nigel Stanley, Head of Campaigns and Communications, Trade Union Congress (TUC).

At 11.15 am (approx):

  • John Wotton, President of the Law Society.

Purpose of session

The purpose of this session is to hear from those who could be required to be on a statutory register of lobbyists depending on the Government’s final definition of lobbying activity. The session will explore how existing charity, trade union and legal work could be affected by the requirement to register.

Further Information

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