Hansard representative questioned on ensuring standards in quality of legislation

02 July 2012

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee will continue its scrutiny of the processes by which Parliament and Government can ensure standards in the drafting of legislation.

Date and time: Thursday 5 July 2012 at 10.00 am
Place: Wilson Room, Portcullis House


At 10.00 am:

  • Dr Ruth Fox, Hansard Society

At 10.45 am (approx)

  • Professor Dawn Oliver, Emeritus Professor of Constitutional Law, UCL
  • Mr Mark Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Constitutional and Administrative Law, Coventry University

This is the fourth session in the Committee’s inquiry into Ensuring Standards in the Quality of Legislation.

The Committee will be hearing first from Dr Ruth Fox of the Hansard Society and continuing their consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of introducing new scrutiny mechanisms such as a Legislative Standards Committee.  In the second part of the session the Committee will take evidence from Professor Dawn Oliver and Mr Mark Ryan on whether different types of legislation should be subject to different methods of scrutiny, and comparing scrutiny in the UK legislative system with other common law legislative systems.

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