Electoral Commission representatives questioned on Individual Electoral Registration

22 April 2013

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee will hold an oral evidence session on Data matching pilots for Individual Electoral Registration.

Date and time: Thursday 25 April 2013 at 10.00 am
Place: Wilson Room, Portcullis House

Witnesses from the Electoral Commission

At 10.00 am

  •  Jenny Watson, Chair
  • Phil Thompson, Research and Evaluation Manager
  • Andrew Scallan, Director of Electoral Administration

As Great Britain moves towards Individual Electoral Registration, there is a need to ensure that individuals do not fall off the register and become disenfranchised. The Government has proposed a data-matching system whereby the names and addresses of electors currently on the electoral register are matched with records held on the Department for Work and Pensions database for verification.  This data matching system was tested in a pilot in 2012.  Last week, the Electoral Commission published its evaluation of the pilot and this week, the Committee will question the Commission about its findings.  This follows up on the Committee’s previous work on Individual Electoral Registration.

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