Chair urges Government to heed Committee’s lobbying report

03 June 2013

The Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, Graham Allen MP, today urged the Government to act on the recommendations in the Committee’s July 2012 report on lobbying.

He commented

"The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee published a report in July 2012 that looked in detail at the Government’s proposals for a statutory register of lobbyists.  Nearly a year later, the Committee still has not received a response.  The events of recent days have demonstrated why it is important that the Government acts on lobbying.  But that action must be effective. 

The Committee’s report found that the Government’s proposals would only scratch the surface when it came to tackling public concern about undue access and influence over policy making, and would be unlikely to prevent lobbying from becoming ‘the next big political scandal.’"

He continued 

"The report concluded that the Government’s proposal for a register that included only third-party lobbyists would do little to improve transparency about who is lobbying whom, because meetings involving such lobbyists constitute only a small part of the lobbying industry.   

The Committee called on the Government to rethink their proposals, and in particular their definition of what constitutes a lobbyist.  I again urge the Government to consider carefully the Committee’s recommendations.  I look forward to receiving a response from the Government."

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