New inquiry: House of Lords reform: what next?

21 January 2013

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee has decided to conduct an inquiry into what smaller-scale changes to the membership and structure of the House of Lords would be likely to command a consensus.

The Committee is issuing a call for written evidence that addresses some or all of the following points:

  • The desirability, practicality and effectiveness of mechanisms for reducing the size of the House of Lords, including the following:
     no longer replacing hereditary peers in the House of Lords when they die;
     measures to remove persistent non-attendees;
     a moratorium on new peers;
     fixed-term appointments for new peers; 
     a retirement age for peers.
  • The effectiveness of the current voluntary retirement scheme for peers introduced following the recommendations of the Leader’s Group on Members Leaving the House.
  • The desirability and scope of a mechanism to expel peers who have been convicted of a serious offence. 
  • The desirability, composition and remit of a Statutory Appointments Commission.
  • The scope for establishing a consensus about the principles which should determine the relative numerical strengths of the different party groups in the House of Lords, and for codifying such principles.

How to respond:

The deadline for written submissions is Tuesday 26 March 2013.  Submissions should not significantly exceed 3,000 words unless this has been cleared in advance with the Committee secretariat.  Written responses to the Committee will be treated as evidence to the Committee and may be published. If you object to your response being made public in a volume of evidence, please make this clear when it is submitted.

Responses should be submitted by email in Microsoft Word or rich text format to

If you do not have access to email, you may send a paper copy of your response to the Clerk of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, Committee Office, First Floor, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA.

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